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NEW and available everywhere, in MAY, from Blood Moon Productions: JAMES DEAN: One of the most comprehensive, shocking and detailed exposes of Hollywood in the 1950s ever published.

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Set near Manhattan, within Staten Island's historic district of Saint George, Magnolia House is the elegantly furnished headquarters of veteran journalists specializing in travel writing (the From...

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Bill Feingold and Kevin Holmes interview Danforth Prince on the Bill & Hillary exposé.

Bill & Hillary, So This Is That
Thing Called Love

A modern power couple from the sticks become the world's most powerful husband and wife.

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Bill & Hillary

RUNNER UP to BEST BIOGRAPHY OF 2015 by the Awards Committee at the 2016 NEW ENGLAND BOOK FESTIVAL

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BLOOD MOON: Entertainment About How America Interprets Its Celebrities.

Blood Moon: Applying the tabloid standards of today to the cover-up of Hollywood's Deep-Throated Secrets.

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Audra Van Hees Blood Moon's Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast

As described by The Huffington Post, “Blood Moon, in case you don't know,  is a small publishing house on Staten Island that cranks out Hollywood gossip books, about two or three a year, usually of five-, six-, or 700-page length, chocked with stories and pictures about people who used to consume the imaginations of the American public, back when we actually had a public imagination. That is, when people were really interested in each other, rather than in Apple ‘devices.’ In other words, back when we had vices, not devices.”

Reorganized with its present name in 2004, Blood Moon originated in 1997 as the Georgia Literary Association, a vehicle for the promotion of obscure writers from America’s Deep South. For several decades, Blood Moon and its key players (Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince) spearheaded the research, writing, and editorial functions of dozens of titles, and hundreds of editions, of THE FROMMER GUIDES, the most respected name in travel publishing.  

Blood Moon maintains a back list of at least 30 critically acclaimed biographies, film guides, and novels. Its titles are distributed by the National Book Network (www.NBNBooks.com), and through secondary wholesalers and online retailers everywhere.

Since 2004, Blood Moon has been awarded dozens of nationally recognized literary prizes. They’ve included both silver and bronze medals from the IPPY (Independent Publishers Association) Awards; four nominations and two Honorable Mentions for BOOK OF THE YEAR from Foreword Reviews; nominations from The Ben Franklin Awards; and Awards and Honorable Mentions from the New England, the Los Angeles, the Paris, the Hollywood, the New York, and the San Francisco Book Festivals. Two of its titles have been Grand Prize Winners for Best Summer Reading, as defined by The Beach Book Awards, and in 2013, its triple-play overview of the Gabor sisters was designated as Biography of the Year by the Hollywood Book Festival. 

For more about us, including access to a growing number of videotaped book trailers, TV and radio interviews, and public addresses, each accessible via YouTube.com, search for key words “Danforth Prince” or “Blood Moon Productions.”

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Thanks for your interest, best wishes, and happy reading. Literacy matters! Read a book! 

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Blood Moon Productions, Ltd.

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